Broadway Across America

The initial idea was launched in February 1963 by Premier Jean Lesage.  He wanted to create an place for the arts in the Old Capital building.  The official opening was January 16, 1971.

The personnel are able to meet patrons with limited mobility in the principal hall and guide them into the theatre. It is recommended to reserve in advance as wheelchair room is limited.


Manual Wheelchair Access

  • Accessible at ground level, corbeille and mezzanine.


Motorized Wheelchair Access

  • Accessible in the corbeille and mezzanine.
  • For scooters and walkers, please keep in mind that space is limited in the elevator. A manual wheelchair will be waiting for you when you arrive at the Grand Theatre. Please mention if you require this service at the time of ticket purchase.


Binoculars are available at the cloakroom for $3.00

Hearing devices are available at the cloakroom for no additional cost.

It is also possible to use your own hearing device. Please tune in to station 99.9 when in Salle Louis-Frechette and 98.5 in Salle Octave-Cremazie.